We believe small businesses make up the unique fabric of America. At Meridian Financial Services, we want to help your small business succeed and thrive financially.



Meridian Financial Services will offer:

  • A recommendation on the best retirement plan for your business's employees, such as a SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Self-Employed 401k & 401k plans.
  • Help with calculating and maximizing your annual contributions to your retirement plan. 
  • Support in setting up 401k plans for your employees.


Mary Hirtle, our in-house CPA, can support your small business with:

  • Timely payroll processing.
  • Setting up direct deposit for your paychecks.
  • Processing payroll tax returns.
  • Filing new hire reports with the appropriate state agency.
  • Processing 1099s and accompanying 1096 forms.


Don't let bookkeeping get out of control. We can help you:

  • Maintain a high level of quality bookkeeping.
  • Process invoices and payments in accounts payable.
  • Manage your receipts and match them to their statements.
  • Send invoices out to your customers.
  • Balance your bank statements and company credit card accounts.
  • Prepare financial statements.
  • Ensure you understand your company's financial position.
  • Organize a filing system that works for you.